zondag 11 december 2011

Sweet Table Contest 2011

How exciting! The Sweet Table 2011 contest, and I entered!
I had not heard of sweet tables untill our Dutch judge Monica Kuhne told us all about it. I decided to give it a go! This is my Sweet Table that I designed and created for the competition.

My table was inspired by a friend returning from Thailand. She loves pink....flowers and thailand. So thought of a theme to combine all three.

Thai Lotus.

I love to cook, and the flavo
urs I used are common in the thai kitchen, like coconut, ginger, rosesyrup, sereh (lemongrass) along with fruits like banana, lime, lychees and mango.

Aesthetically I chose to build around the lotus theme. I found Origami lotus flower tutorials and made them myself. I found out that the lotusflower is a symbol for chakra's so I wanted to implement Buddhism and meditation.
I used 2 silver Buddha's to complement the table and gave the wallmask 2 chakra's of lotus flowers. It looks as if the Buddha is floating away in a "sweet" meditative state of happiness.

All the handmade cards have the abstract drawing of a lotus, I made one from sugar on the cake and crafted my own lotus cookie cutter. Some of the flavours I researched were hard to come by, but in a Dutch "Toko" I found actual Thai tamarind candy and drinks, along with imported fresh thai lychees.

Thailand loves colour! You can see that in the way the people that live there dress and how vibrant the colours are in the temples. I chose pink and silver as the main theme. Orange and red are two colours I came across Googling "Thailand Buddhism" for images. I think they look pretty together.

I loved working around this theme. It has a million possibilities.

Sweets on the table:

Lime and Coconut cupcakes
Tamarind candy and beverage
Ginger Cookies
Rose Meringues
Coconut Marchmellows

Banana and Chocolate Cupcakes
Mango and Vanilla cupcakes
Vanille spice cake with lemongrass (Sereh) cream

See you next year! :)